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just wanted to send ya a great, big, huge and wetty kiss! *splosh* feels great??? hope so! luv ya a lot!

If you ever see someone without a smile, give him yours! You wonīt lose it, but he will win one!

If a kiss were a leave then I will send an entire rainforest.

If a kiss is a snowflake I would send you a whole snowstorm!

I wanna be your T-shirt when itīs wet, I wanna be the shower when you sweat. But more than anything I swear: I wanna be your underwear!

I once lived in a time that was peace with no trouble at all. But then you came my way and a feeling i know shook my heart and made me want you to stay

I miss you soo, I decided to send you a big hug. I will see you soon!!

I have two things in my life, my teddy and you! My teddy is for the night and you are forever.

I canīt be happy without you and i hope you canīt be happy without me Iīm not happy without you and i hope you feel so too!

I ask God for a flower and he gives me a garden. I ask God for a river and he gives me an ocean. I ask God for a love and itīs you he gives me!

Humans are angels with only one wing, they can only fly,when they hold on to each other!!

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